Simplicity is our philosophy

- Giuseppe Davi
Chef’s Table I

Chef’s Table I

by Giuseppe Davi

BUTLER head chef Giuseppe Davi launches the new season of gastronomic dinners and presents the menu of Chef’s Table I by Giuseppe Davi. The first menu features a set of ten dishes that will be available till the end of the warm season.

Chef’s Table by Giuseppe Davi is about honouring the Italian culinary heritage with its time-tested recipes and maintaining a modern aesthetic. BUTLER’s head chef reinvents classic recipes with a personal touch. Such experiments include the play on Itameshi style in the form of a Sicilian red prawn carpaccio enhanced with ginger and a tomato-yuzu sauce, resulting in an authentic modern Italian culinary experience: all the rules of the Mediterranean cuisine are maintained, the recipes remain simple and accessible, and flavor, as always, reigns supreme. As Giuseppe notes, “simplicity – that’s our philosophy!”

The set provides guests with an opportunity to see regular things in a different light. Notably, dishes are served “from the end.” Guests first experience appetizers that mimic desserts. This helps showcase the rich flavours, ideas, and visual effects of each dish, centred around several textures. Italian seasonal products are at the forefront, including escargots, Sicilian prawns, and olive oil. Guests enjoy quintessential flavours paired with wines the help to underline the fine details of each dish.

Each dish is presented with a brief introduction of the story behind it and the seasonal products used to prepare it.

The rules of the game are simple: one table, one wine set. Each guest selects their own wine. Alcohol-free sets and sets with pairings suggested by the BUTLER head sommelier Alexander Markin are available. Guests are also free to order from the restaurant’s regular wine card.

«Simplicity – that’s our philosophy» (с) Giuseppe Davi.

Please book your table at least one day before your visit. Bookings are accepted for at least two guests.

The launch dinner for Chef’s Table I by Giuseppe Davi will take place at the Mansard Hall, Floor 2, BUTLER on April 25. Afterwards, the set will be available every day. Sets must be booked in advance.

Set cost without wine – 11 000 ₽
With wine pairing – 18 000 ₽

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